My name is Mattias Breitholtz and I'm an Animator & Designer based in London, UK.

Originally from a small town in the North of Sweden. Since migrating south I've studied character design at Kyoto University of art and design in Japan followed by studies in Motion graphics and animation at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

As a designer animator at Golden Wolf I have been able to hone a wide range of skills and fondled many a mind-babies from conception to delivery for clients such as Nike, Adult Swim, Disney channel, Youtube, Playstation, NBA,  Starbucks, Converse and Cartoon Network.

Looking for new challenges and experiences I've recently started freelancing and I'm really excited about collaborating with new people, clients and studios. 

I specialize in 2D design and animation, be it after effects or frame by frame. That said  I thoroughly enjoy working across multiple software and disciplines. 

So if you have an exciting project you want to discuss, or just want to say hi, hit me up!